Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Let the Cereal begin- sort of!

We finally attempted it! What an adventure that was! :) Mattie and Hailey both liked the cereal, but they didn't like waiting in between bites. I guess they are used to the constant flow of a bottle! Right now we are just doing cereal once a day to get used to a spoon. The doctor told us that theya re still getting everything they need nutritionally from me- so this is just practice for when we start real baby food- toward the end of August. Here are a few pictures of our experience. 'Bon Apetit' Mattie's messy mouth!
Mommy talking to Mattie about her cereal. She is such a good listener!

Daddy feeding Hailey.

She was not sure about all of this.


Maegan Thomas said...

First off let me say way to go! If you are still breast-feeding you are a trooper. I assume you are pumping otherwise you would not have time to get anything done. I made it all of one month breast-feeding!ha On top of that Jaxon had reflux and my milk did not help that. Have you been getting my other comments? I am not sure that I am posting the right way!

Lauren said...

Good lord...could you get any skinnier?? you need some cereal in your diet too.

Kristin said...

The girls have grown so much since ya'll moved! I'm with Maegan, way to go on the breast-feeding. That's great you are still able to do that for 2 babies. I hope I'm successful with mine.