Sunday, July 12, 2009

Art Walk on the Strand!

WoW wOw WOW! It has been great to be back in Galveston. Ken is loving UTMB (University of Texas Medical Branch), I am loving the daily view of the ocean, and the girls LOVE all the room they have in our much bigger house. :) :) :) We definitely had an interesting drive down here- my mom, the girls and I! We had a lot of laughs, a few tears (mostly the babies) and overall a great experience. My mom was a ton of help getting us settled and I don't know a better bottle washer- I love you MOM! Thanks again for all that you have done for us! I might still be in Texarkana if it weren't for you. :)
One major perk of being back is all the unique things that Galveston has to offer. First of all let me say this- a major factor in our returning to the island was the amazing people that we had met here. We are surrounded by many young, Christian, fun couples that have become great friends of ours. We have all been through so much together to have just lived here for a short time. Last night- The Haynes', The Brokaws', and The Perez's headed out for a night on the town. We met for dinner and then a walk to view local art. We were all able to catch up and think back to pre- Ike life. We miss you Katy and David- visit soon! It is definitely a connection that we all share- the storm vicitims, dealing with FEMA and insurance, being unsettled and moving back for the love of the island! Here are all 3 Daddies- Brandon's stroller is coming soon! Davis is due in October!!!! All the girls are going to fight over him!
Here is one of my favorite pictures so far- this is the water line on the Strand- near our house. Although the girls weren't here yet when Ike hit- they were well on their way!

Another favorite picture- ALL of us! Plus some new ones!!! (Cora, Mattie, and Hailey) We are back and stronger than ever!!! Looks like we all would have drowned had we stayed! Ken and I are glad to be back and glad to be surrounded by some many good friends.

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