Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nursery SWEET Nursery!

Even though all of my "new" home boxes aren't unpacked yet I did want to go ahead and share my favorite room in the house- Mattie and Hailey's Nursery! It is as girly as it gets!!! ( I love it and know they do too!) Here are a few pictures: From the doorway- it is a full little room for sure.

Look what Mommy made for us- our bow holders and little signs to remember our birth information!
Our closet- kind of small, but works for now! :) The girls will get a walk in someday! I firmly believe that every girl can appreciate that!


Maegan Thomas said...

Wow, the girls' nursery is so adorbale! Super cute! I really like the signs you made to remember thier birth- great idea. I need to make one of those for Jaxon.

Caroline said...

The girls' room is precious! I love the bow holders. Where were those when we were kids?