Friday, June 25, 2010

Moving or Pool???

You see which one I chose! Pool TIME! Today- I got to see a few of my favorite friends here in Galveston- the Acosta's and the Leimer's! We had such a fun time splashing in the pool with all of our kid-os! Don't you just want to "dive right in"?!?!? I was really curious to see how Mattie and Hailey would do at the pool, but they loved it- until they got sleepy/hungry. Next major question- after these floats (which they won't last much longer) what do I put them in to keep them floating!!!
Hailey and Sianna

The gang is all here- well almost...

Couldn't resist this picture-- look who found beads at the pool. I have a TRUE ACCESSORIZER on my hands! Thanks friends for having us over!


Katy K. said...

Always go to the POOL!!! Your girlies look so cute in their floaties. Please tell Trisha and Kelly that I said hi!

melwelsh said...

After the current floats they are in, my kids moved to a small ring that they could hold on to, then on to arm floaties. My kids never really took to the whole float suits, but some really like it :)