Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Today- my mom, the girls and I drove to Jackson, TN to see one of my best college friends Marikay and her mom! Isn't she a doll! Marikay has an adorable 2 month old little boy named Ben- I am pretty sure that Mattie or Hailey could be his future girlfriend! It was great seeing both of them. We had so much fun talking about so many things that we used to do and how our lives have changed since then. We definitely had a lot of fun together in college and got in a little trouble too! (HA!)
We were able to go to one of our favorite restaurants- Rafferty's! I am am so glad that we were able to see each other...

The gang is all here! What a fun day! Can't wait to see you again in December!!!

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Jenn said...

Always great seeing old friends, and even their moms :)

Did you see my blog post about Galveston! We had a GREAT time, thanks for the recommendations!!!