Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby Blessings!

The girls and I finally made it back to Texas! We had a great trip to Memphis and appreciate all the love, help, and fun we had. I am so thankful that we were able to see so many of our favorite people while we were there. In the midst of the "chaos called life", I have had a few things tugging at my heart strings... I found myself focusing on the future. I don't mean that in the best way... I heard myself saying "once we are moved I will..., once we are settled..., once we are done with school..., once that is past us...," etc. It seemed to be a negative- like I was postponing the "fun" in life until something else was done. I want to enjoy the here and now- chaos or not. All too often, I think I get wound a little too tight because of the "lemons" thrown my way instead of focusing on making LEMONADE... so in the middle of our move down the street, 2 semi packed houses, and unsettledness I have decided to count my many blessings and enjoy seeing how God is going to use our family a little further down the road! I have two amazing little girls who are becoming such precious little people- and I don't want to miss a moment of it! They are sweet, loveable, fun and full of character! Not to mention- SO SMART! I talked to one of my favorite friends the other day- Katy K. and she said something that has really taken hold of my parenting philosophy: "Teach your children that today is their last day; treat your children as if today was their last day". Isn't that an amazing thought? Teach them that everyday is a gift from God and we don't know when He will call us home, teach them to live in the now and as parents to treat them as if there were no tomorrow....
Stop and play with your kid-os, give that extra hug, don't miss a moment to say "I LOVE YOU" and remind them that Jesus LOVES them too! Enjoy the gifts that God has given you- I am challenging myself to really focus on this as a way of life for our family! Thank you Katy for encouraging me as a mommy and as a sister in Christ! I love you sweet friend!

Look at the JOY in their faces! Mattie and Hailey just adore each other. Ken and I are so blessed! :)I think we may have 2 future dentists on our hands!
Happy Wednesday!


Alexa and Boris said...

This is so true. I sometimes feel like this too, especially when Aiden is a being a little challenging (he goes through horrible phases of separation anxiety). I remind myself that the bond that we have created that allows him to be sooo attached to me, will in the future help make him a very self sufficient and independent little boy completely confident in himself and his mommy's love. I remind myself to enjoy these moments, because soon he won't even really need me as much anymore and I know I will miss it.

Katy K. said...

Awwww, Thanks so much Erin for mentioning little ole' me in your blog. Our children are such precious gifts. I'm thankful that we are realizing how special our time is with them. Love you!

Jenn said...

I adore theur love for each other! ah-mazing!