Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TUBES and a little shopping fun!

Here is some more Memphis visit fun! LaLa, the girls and I went shopping at some of our favorite places! Hailey decided she needed to check out several different shoes- none of which were in her size! Notice 3 in her lap, 2 on the floor and none left on the shelf. That's how we "roll". :)
Here Mattie is with her "bebe" at the surgery center waiting for tubes. We had a great experience! Dr. Klug took great care of us and hopefully will have Mattie all fixed up for a while!
After surgery0 isn't she precious! She did GREAT! :) Thank heaven for TUBES!
Later that day, I picked Hailey up from Grammy's (thanks for watching her so that I could completely focus on Mattie and hersurgery). We met up with LaLa for lunch. Hailey did great- she is such a little show off to anyone that pays any attention to her! Thanks for hanging with us!

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Jenn said...

I had tubes when I was young.. Glad both the babies are doing ok with them! There so worth it!