Monday, June 7, 2010

Long OVER due!!!

What a busy past couple of weeks! The girls and I finished our MDO school year and found out that we are going to have to move (8 houses down the street) at the end of June. We also had lots of great and very helpful company- Grammy and Aunt Ra-Ra!
Mattie showing off her climbing skills! Both of my girls have really gotten the swing of walking and climbing on everything!!! :) I love it! We are so busy.
While Grammy and RaRa were visitng we took a trip to Centerville, TX to go to "The Pullen Family Reunion". It was great seeing everyone and meeting new faces! The girls loved being outside and playing with the other kidd-os!
Ra Ra and Hailey- loading up after a pitstop at Walmart.
Hailey- so busy checking out the outside.

Mattie- checking out our family!
Mattie and Hailey were so excited to get in a pool- just for them! Definitely FUN IN THE SUN!
Mattie loving the water!
My sweet girl!!! Mommy might as well have worn a suit!

Enjoying a raisin snack with RaRa!
These girls don't stop- on the go again! Look at all of the fun stuff they had to entertain the kidd-os! After a fun reunion weekend, we headed back to the island for me to finish up at work and our 15month check up. I really appreciated having the extra hands at the Dr.'s office. The girls are doing great- meeting all of our mile stones- which is especialy great sinc they were preemies. We have several new words: mommy, dada, belle, ball, bubble, baby, duck, quack, outside, hi, fish, no (a personal favorite), and Mattie even says thank you- sometimes. They each have a cute trick- when asked Mattie can point to your nose and her tummy. Hailey can show you what an elephant does- she puts her hand over her mouth like a trunk and blows. So cute! I am so proud of these girls. One piece of yucky news was that Mattie has an ear infection- this was her 2nd one ever and we started amoxicillin.
Also during Grammy and Ra Ra's visit- we of course- hit the beach! It is so fun to take the girls- they love the sand and the water! However, it is not a trip I am willing to do alone- yet! Mattie and Hailey hit the sand and go different directions.
Hailey lovws the sand and really loves for someone to dig her a hole to let her sit in. :)
Playing with RaRa.
Love these tu-tu swimsuits! Perfect for these little diva's! :)
Hailey before...
a little sand digging fun...
Hailey after... we love to get dirty!
Grammy and Mattie walking the beach.
Daddy couldn't resist the fun! He joined us on the beach- scrubs and all.
What great company! Time for us all to head to Memphis! Can you say roadtrip!?!?
It was a long drive and the girls did great! Here we stopped to eat at ElChico's. RaRa and Hailey working on their coloring skills.
My little artist Mattie!
After about 7 hours in the car- we finally made it to the hotel. Mattie made a new friend in the mirror. It was precious watching her try and play with the baby in the mirror. Time to rest up for the rest of the trip in the morning.
MEMPHIS!!! We made it! We were so happy to see everyone! Hailey immediately found a new hat- Libby's bloomers.
Mattie wasn't feeling so good (more on that soon)- so she headed to bed early. Libby and Hailey had a little conversation over dinner. How cute are these 2?! Once we got to Memphis- we hit the ground running. Friday- Mattie woke up and had a little bit of a rash that progressively got worse as the day went on. Lauren got us in to see Libby's pediatrician and they switched our amoxicillin to omnicef (a drug that Hailey is allergic to). Mattie was pretty worn out from the day, the rash, and the earache- so I decided that she needed mainly rest Saturday. Hailey and I headed to Ken's cousin Sonya's baby shower- she is having a boy name Kenneth in July.

Hailey was so happy to see Ra Ra- she wanted to be right in the middle of the action.
The girls- Dena, me, Sonya, and Rachel- yes- that is Hailey trying to get in the photo! After the shower we headed to Grammy and Pop-Pop's house. I called to check on Mattie and my mom was concerned about her rash- so we only stayed for a little while. At Grammy's- Hailey got to play with her cousin Aleyse.

I finally got to meet my newest neice Alayna. Isn't she a doll?!?!
In the meantime Aleyse and Hailey took a bath together. Thanks RaRa for cleaning our girls!
Hailey and I headed home after this for bed- once I got home and saw Mattie- poor baby! After talking with Ken about how bad she looked and seemed to feel- we made the executive decision to take her to LeBonheur Children's Hospital. Mattie's rash had spread to about 85% of her body and she started to have "bruise like" spots all over her body. Once in the ER- they were very quick to get us back and seen by a doctor. He informed me that Mattie was having a severe reaction to the amoxicillin and possibly the omnicef. Her bruising was caused by a lack of oxygen getting to the tissue in her body. They immediately gave her a breathing treatment to help with her wheezing, started and iv of steriods and fluids, and an epi shot. Mattie and Mommy were both exhausted. Mattie wasn't a happy camper- but a real trooper. (Poor Daddy was going crazy at this point- being stuck in Galveston)Alot was going on and poor thing was so miserable. I wanted to just cry for her, but I realized that would not help her at all. :( Since the reaction was so severe they wanted to keep her overnight (which turned into 2 nights) to monitor her. We finally got in a room around 1:30am. We were all tired. G-Daddy stayed in the ER with us unitl we got to a room. We appreciated the moral support. Honey stayed home with Hailey and to prepare for Libby's baby dedication (that Mattie and I had to miss:(- but we saw lots of pictures!)
Mattie in her big bed! It was really neat- because we both could fit in the crib together. :) I think that helped comfort my sweet girl.
The next day- Mattie finally perked up a little bit and started eating. Her rash was amazingly better- not gone but way way way better. We had a few visitors- Grammy and Pop Pop,
Libby (after her dedication),
G-Daddy and Hailey (look who is trying to escape in Libby's carrier).
Honey and Hailey- a busy bee in this hospital room!
and LaLa! I think Mattie went to everyone and pointed to the door- asking "Will you take me home?" Finally after 2 nights in the hospital, lots of meds, lots of listening to our lungs, a few snacks, and very little restand lots of prayers- we got to go home. Once at Honey's we put up the bouncy house and the girls played a bit. :) It was so good seeing us "semi back to normal". Mattie is doing better, but still not 100%. Hopefully after a good night sleep- she will be good as new. Thankfully her rash looks SO much better. I chose not to post those pictures- she looked pretty bad... it hurt my heart...

Welcome home Mattie!
We have alot of other fun things planned for the rest of our Memphis trip- none of which involve LeBonheur!!


Caroline said...

So glad Mattie is doing better. Looks like you guys are having a great, but busy time!

Jenn said...

OMG about Mattie! Glad she is better.. Crazy what a simple rash can turn into..

Glad you finally blogged, I wasw just thinkng about you last night and wanted to write you...

My fiance and I are headed to G-Town this weekend to celebrate our Anniversary, we are staying in a family friends condo in the high rise on the sea wall.. Been to Galveston plenty times before but wanted to ask a local if there is anything "under ground" we should do? I wanted to horseback ride, but can't find any.. Fireworks at Moody gardens don't start till next week :( Do you know anywhere on the island that sales TOMS shoes? Any resturants wse should hit up?

Sorry for all the questions!

Enjoy the rest of your trip

Jenn said...

Also, where is the cute white shirt from that you have on in the baby pool