Sunday, June 13, 2010

Totally "TUBE"ular (take 2)!

Well, we knew it would happen and now it is-- Mattie is getting tubes put in on Monday. I have to say that I am glad- she has not left her right ear alone since we got to Memphis. Not to mention, the whole hospital ordeal. Since Mattie has had such a tough time with antibiotics and an ear infection that is NOT getting better on what she can take- Ken called in the "BIG GUNS"! Thanks to The Sexton's (our sweet Memphis friends) we were able to see Dr. Klug, an ENT in Memphis last Thursday. We appreciate him seeing us on such short notice! After looking at her ears- he said he would do tubes Monday morning. Ken and I both are glad that we are getting this behind us! I hate that Ken isn't going to be able to be here with us... but after seeing how easy and fast Hailey's tubes were- we both feel it is best to go ahead and get this done for Mattie! Here are a few pictures of her checking out the office room.
Please say a little prayer for Mattie tomorrow...

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The Lindsey Family said...

Dr. Klug is the best!!! She is in such great hands!