Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dogs days of Summer!

The girls and "Belle" have a very special relationship... for the longest time we went to great links to keep them seperated for fear that Belle could hurt them- don't get me wrong- never on purpose, just she doesn't know her size. I could just see a big puppy paw across my preemies face! This worked great until we started to crawl. Around that time, Belle has spent more and more time around the girls and they love it. Both of their 2nd words were "Belle" and every morning as we are walking in the kitchen both point and look for "Belle"... they take such good care of her- sharing a little food every meal with her. As we are now pretty steady on our feet- I am constantly watching the girls "chase" after Belle. Everyone finds this so funny- well almost everyone... (sorry Belle.)
Hailey getting ready to head to VBS this week. We are really working on our "gentle" hands.
Mattie showing Belle her best puppy impression.

Mawahhhhhhh!!! Belle has really welcomed the girls to her "pack"- and what a peace of mind that it for us all! :)


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