Friday, May 21, 2010

Little Texas Tornado x3!

This past week- we had a couple PRECIOUS visitors come to the island... La La and Libby! We were all so excited to see a few of our TN peeps!! I didn't take near as many pictures as I would have liked- we really had our hands full! 2- 15 month olds and 1 4 month old... WHEW!!! Oh- but SO SO SO much fun! I can't get enough of Libby- I remember when my itty bitty's were that little and still-- not anymore. Here are a few action shots...
Hailey showing Libby how to put a bow on! She loves to accessorize- necklaces, bows, hats, shoes, you name it! :)
My girls are also learning where their nose and mouth is- I hope she is just trying to show Libby where her mouth is. HA!

Look at this sweet chunky monkey in her bath! I love it!!!

We even braved the beach one afternoon! I love this picture of Libby- her first time to see the ocean and she is snoozing away. I love that she looks so small and the ocean so big! (Sidenote: singing "I hope you dance" in my head"). I also love that Hailey is crawling towards the water- my girls love to be at the beach. :)

Once Libby woke up- guess who got in her carrier...

Look at these 2 big girls! Libby has just about mastered sitting up! How time flies!!!

Uncle Ken and Libby! I love seeing him with little babies- he is so sweet! You are an amazing Daddy and Uncle!

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