Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Destination Wedding- at least for us it was!

Hello- Jacksonville, Florida: Happy Wedding Luke and Grace! Let the festivities begin!
After we loaded up, hopped a plane, and we were on our way... Here Ken is loading our rental car- Ken decided to "upgrade" to the convertible- which I LOVED! I think this was a guilty pleasure for parents used to having 2 carseats, stollers, toys, diaper bags, etc. We got to the hotel,checked in and headed to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
Here we are at practice- there were 3 best men, 7 groomsmen, 2 maid of honors, and 10 bridesmaids- Whew! What a wedding!!!

I love LOVE!

The 3 best men and the groom: (from the left- Cory, Ken, Luke, and Justin). It was such a fun wedding we all hit it off and made the night so much fun!

Ken and I with the future Mr. & Mrs. Luke Whitmire! Isn't she a doll!!! After the dinner- the boys headed out to Dave and Buster's for a little fun. I headed out for a run on the Riverwalk.
Saturday, the wedding wasn't until 7pm so the groomsmen and me hit the pool! Great way to relax.

Let the wedding begin. It was a beautiful ceremony. Grace made all of her bridesmaid dresses- can you believe that?!? She even altered her grandmother's dress, that her mom wore, to wear as her own. How special is that?!

The reception was great- Luke now lives in New York and works for Fox News- he does the cameras for several National news shows.

Here I am with "my" groom! Isn't he handsome!

Here is a sweet new friend of mine from Kansas- Aimee! Her hubby was also a groomsman. Since the guys had to be there so early for pictures- she and I headed to the nearest mall- in true shopping fashion- pushed our luck and were almost late to the wedding, but it was a fun time!

The 3 best men!

Luke and Ken- I am so glad we were able to share this day with you, Luke and Grace- it was BEAUTIFUL! We are praying that God will bless your marriage and do great things with you two!

Let the honeymoon begin!!
After the wedding- Ken and I decided to stay another day to "relax and enjoy" our mini vacation! Come to find out while we were at the wedding one of my very besties- Courtney (fun fact: we were in each others weddings) was on family vaction on Amelia Island- 30 minutes away! Can you believe it? Ken and I spend the day at the beach with them and then ate at Sliders. Amelia Island is definitley on my short list of must do again!

Courtney, Brandon (her hubby) and I have known each other for about 10 years now! She is that friend that I can call ANYTIME and we pick up right where we left off! I love you sweet friend! I am so thankful we met up! LEt's do it again- say maybe 30?

At dinner with our friends: (from the left) Lorie, Mack, Cory, Brandon, Max, Courtney, and us! This was a wedding weekend trip BONUS! I miss you guys!

Can't leave out the girls! The family LOVES to see them on here!
Mattie wouldn't slow down for a picture today, but Hailey really gets a kick out of saying "Cheese" and sitting when she sees the camera.

I had to make a quick trip to Kroger today and finally decided to try the "car"- SUCCESS! Aren't they too cute! This made my trip 4 times easier... that is until they figure out they can get out- but until that day...
we are good!


Lauren said...

ha! Mattie looks like "why'd you put me in a baby car Mommy? I'm sooo grown and way to mature for this." They look pretty cute though.

I wanna see some up close pics of the wedding dresses. I hope you took some.

Courtney and Brandon said...

I LOVED seeing you guys! It was so, so, so much fun--even if just for a few hours. I vote that we have two "30" trips next can turn 30 with me, and I'll gladly redo 30 with you in June. I'm IN!!

Those sweet girls get cuter and cuter and cuter. Those hairbows are divine, and they remind me of how God did look after me by giving me a boy because he KNEW that I have NO SELF-CONTROL when it comes to things like this!

Love you so very much, FRIEND!!