Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday AMERICA!!!

As usual- The Haynes Family had QUITE the busy weekend, but it was GREAT! We kicked off the holiday weekend by going to Palapalooza. This was a night of music, water, friends and lots of fun! Sweet Laura and Nic kept Mattie and Hailey so that Ken and I could have "date night". We had alot of fun getting out with some of our favorite Galveston friends!!
Happy at Palapalooza! Let's do this again next year!!!
Sunday-after church and after the girls nap, we got the world's smallest baby pool and we PLAYED. So much fun!

Hailey loved to carry around the hose- even...

when she sprayed herself! This happened quite a bit!

After our "pool time", we headed over to David Baker's for a cookout- what would 4th of July be without a cookout?!?!
Thanks for having us over. :) Now the hard part comes- waiting WAY past our bed time to see the fireworks... the girls did great. They were sleepy, but real troopers. We picked up our neighbor John Mark and headed to the Seawall.
Here we are waiting for the "firework show"! Ken and I were a little concerned about how they would feel about the noise.
Hailey was a little unsure at first, but ended up loving it! Both girls were in AWE of what they saw! So glad we went!

Hailey has found a new friend... these 2 are tight! :) Thanks John Mark for helping us with the girls!
Mattie and Mommy!
Happy 4th of July from our Family to yours!


Katy K. said...

I am laughing so hard! The picture of Hailey spraying herself is HILARIOUS! I also love her necklace. That girl loves the jewelry! Mattie looks so cute with her curls and she is smiling at the camera! Fun times!!!

Jenn said...

Love the fam pic at the bottom! Great shot in the background!

I saw the Salt Water Soul sign behind you guys at the polooza thing, my fiance totally support those guys! I washed a couple of their shirts today as a matter of fact, ha!