Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tea Time!

Now that the girls are almost 17 months old (can you believe it?!?!) I love watching how well they play together! It is SO adorable. Today, we sat down in their bedroom- put on a little country music- and had our first tea party! Check out the latest addition to our bedroom- the hot pink zebra rug!!! This is a very early 2nd birthday present from Honey and G-Daddy! WE LOVE OUR RUG!!! The party quickly changed locations... bathroom????

and now we are back in our room...

I can't get over how sweet they are!

These are the smiles that melt my heart! Everyday- I learn so much by watching you grow and become your very own person... God has big plans for you two! I love you girls!



Jenn said...

That RUG is so cute! I love colored Zebra prints! They are getting SO big! Love the animal print outfits they have on as well :)

Katy K. said...

I LOVE the rug! I can't wait to see it in person! Tell M and H to save some tea for Lilly!