Monday, July 26, 2010

While the cats away...

the mice will PLAY!!! Here is Uncle Ken meeting his 3rd niece, Alayna for the 1st time. She was born February 10, 2010. Unfortunately, due to a resident call schedule- he hasn't left Texas in a while! She is a precious, sweet, calm baby- maybe it is all relative though-- one 3 year old, two 17 month olds, and one 6 month old!
The GANG is all here! Grammy, Aunt DeDe, Aleyse, and Alayna came to keep the girls for a few days so Ken and I could go to Jacksonville, FL for his best friend Luke's wedding. (That post coming soon!)

Having breatkfast together- Aleyse, Mattie, and Hailey sure can have "deep" conversations!

My girls- the BEST of friends! Isn't this adorable!

They love to give kisses!

Mattie with Alayna!

Grammy and Hailey- how sweet!

ALeyse and Hailey- loving each other.

Hailey aka the "future gymnast"! This is the position I catch her in MOST often- ready to roll over.

Little Diva #1- Aleyse taking a nap- DIVA STYLE!

Playing after dinner at The Spot! Thankfully this is the perfect place for a few "noisy" kid-os!

More soon!



Caroline said...

the girls are so cute! i love the kisses picture!

Lauren said...

oh my!! the picture of M & H together is ridiculous! I love how sweet they are together. ALMOST makes me wish I'd had 2 at once.

Lauren said...

WAIT!!!! is sweet Hailey wearing a bow with no band!!?? woooohoooo big girl.