Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day 2010!

What a special day full of FUN! Ken let me sleep in- well until 7:45am (that is late considering)... I woke up to an orchid and a sweet card informing me that we are getting DVR again! Oh how I have missed DVR!!! After we got up, we headed to our 2nd annual Mother's Day breakfast! We met the Perez's at Miller's Landing. They have amazing french toast! After breakfast it was time for a nap and a little "Honey" and "Grammy" gift giving. Since I am going to Memphis in June- I hated to ship such precious art- so I took a picture to email the grandmother's and we will hand deliver when we get there! :)
This isn't the finished product- we wrote "We LOVE you!" on it and each of the girls names by their hand... it is adorable!

I sent them this poem about handprints:

I know you wipe some away,
But these handprints were made to stay.
So keep them forever, a treasure they'll be.
A special "I Love You", for you from me.

After we did the handprints- Ken's job was to entertain the girls while I finished the pottery. He took them into a party store where they gota balloon for being so cute- they LOVED them- that is until one popped...
end of balloons, 2 sad babies... lesson learned when offered balloons "No, thank you!" :)
Happy Mother's Day to ALL of the amazing Mommies in my life that have encouraged, strengthened, and supported me as a Mommy! Isn't this the BEST JOB!!! I am so blessed to say that I am a Mommy- double blessed to say I am a Mommy to Mattie and Hailey.


Caroline said...

So cute! Happy Mother's Day!

Jenn said...

Where is the breakfast place in G-Town? I LOVE french toast!

Katy K. said...

The balloon story cracks me up!