Friday, May 7, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Sea Lions- OH MY!!!

This is too funny not to share- yesterday, a few Mommy friends and I headed to the zoo after school. It was perfect "planning" on my part- so I thought. I packed snacks, sippy cups, my stroller, extra water, diapers, sunscreen, a few toys to hold- I was ready! (Kate one up'd me on the ready by bringing the zoo cups so you just start off getting refills for cheaper- I like it and will do that next time!) Anyway, once we get there the first animal we see are the Sea Lions- all the kid-os loved them. We got there just in time to see a "show". Surrounded by people and children alike- sippy cups in hand- all the sudden... Hailey asked the question "Do Sea Lions drink from sippy cups?"- well she asked it by throwing her cup in with the sea lions. Agh- everyone saw... Agh- what do I do? Prepared Mommy only had 1 sippy cup left? Agh- did I lose my bumpy label to the sea lions? Agh- do I claim it?
As all of this is running through my head and my friends and I are having a good laugh- the sea lion swims over- grabs the sippy cup and takes it to her trainer... middle of the show... that's my girl. Needless to say, I did try to claim it- not that I was totally sold on reusing it, but I did want them to see it was an accident and we would never do that on purpose- also to see if it had a bumpy label. Unfortunately, they don't give things back that fall in the tanks with the animals. Lesson learned: always take 3 sippy cups!!
Oh well- I'll always remember our first trip to the Houston zoo.

Mattie and Hailey loved seeing all the animals! The giraffes were really close by and my girls kept calling them "Belle". They must think that if you walk on four legs that is your name because our German Shepherd and giraffes look VERY different. :)

We also took our first carousel ride- Mattie loved it, but Hailey screamed the entire time...

Cute picture of our friends Ava and Jackson checking out some animal I had never heard of. DO you remember when zoo's had lions, monkeys, bears, and zebras? I do too- today I saw a dog in the cage with leopards- a dog... ???? When did that become a zoo animal????

Our strolller buddies! What a fun day! Thanks Mommies and kid-os for meeting us there! Let's do it again soon!

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