Friday, May 7, 2010

"Walk that WAY, Talk that WAY"

Here is a clip of Hailey walking it up and Mattie talking it up! :) Everyday I fall more and more in love with each stage we enter. Can you say PERSONALITY!!! We have them and they are more loveable than I could have ever imagined! In the coming weeks things are going to get pretty busy. Here are few things we are looking forward to:
*Yaga's Cookoff

*Mother's Day

*Aunt La La's and Libster's visit

*Last day of school

*Grammy and Rachel's visit and trip to family reunion

*Our Memphis trip (just the girls and I- Ken will be working)

*Libby's Dedication

*SITC 2 date with LaLa and Mary Jetton (Pre-K friend) who has a baby days younger than M and H

*My birthday (I think I will always love birthdays even after I leave the 20's!)



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