Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Totally "tube"ular Day!

It is official- Hailey had to get tubes put in her ears. She has had so many ear infections in the past 3 months, I think we were all ready for relief and a few less Dr. visits. :):):)
Here we are on the way to the surgery center! We only had to take Hailey with us because my VERY sweet friend Laura came over and kept Mattie. What a huge HELP!!! Mattie and Hailey both LOVE Mrs. Laura (she used to be their teacher at EEP). Laura- I can't say THANK YOU enough for keeping Mattie on Monday!!! Hailey looks as if she is wondering "Why is it dark out and I am up?" I totally broke my pacifier rule- it usually is ONLY in her bed, but since this sweet baby couldn't eat this morning- a pacifier is the next best thing!!

Here we are at the surgery center- it was a great facility where everything went very smoothly... Ken and I took turns talking to all the doctors and chasing Hailey- who was very busy!

Daddy's turn! Finally around 7:40 they took Hailey back. It was very fast- they let her pick out a stuffed animal and then I had to hand her to a nurse. We were sent back to the waiting room... and less than 20 minutes (time to fix a cup of coffee and potty) they were ready for us to come back. We talked to the ENT that did the surgery- everything went beautifully! Then we got to go hold Hailey. It was so sweet when we went back there- another nurse had her in a blanket- so I never saw her in a big hospital bed... everytime I saw her she was being held- almost as iv someone held her for the surgery (I know that isn't the case- but I like to think that!)

She was very happy to Mommy and Daddy, but more happy to see her milk cup! :)

After sitting there for about 15 minutes, the nurse said we could go! Can you believe it??? We were home by 9am with a healthy happy baby Hailey! What a blessing!!!! Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers!
More soon on our visit with LaLa and Libby!

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Caroline said...

So glad Hailey is doing better. Poor baby!