Tuesday, December 22, 2009

From our Family to Yours...

Once upon a time, A long, long time ago.
Begins the story of a baby,
That most of you should know.
His daddy's name was Joseph,
And Mary was His mom,
This babe was very special
He was God's only Son.
Some angels came from heaven,
And they began to sing.
To the shepherds in the fields below,
"Glad tidings do we bring!"
A bright star lit the heavens,
To light the magi's way,
To the baby in the manger
Who was born on Christmas day.
And all who gathered round Him,
Rejoiced and praised His birth.
For the babe, the King, named Jesus,
Is our Saviour here on earth!

I pray that the true spirit of Christmas is in your heart this holiday season. May you and your family be VERY blessed in 2010! I am hoping my next post will be of my sister- Lauren's sweet baby girl- Libby Addison Baird. Please pray that Mommy and baby have a safe, healthy delivery...
It is so funny- I think as a new Mommy- knowing what is to come for Lauren and Scott- I can hardly stand it- I am BURSTING with excitement!!! I can hardly wait to get my little hands on her- but I will Lauren (until you say I can!) :) :) :)



Caroline said...

Cute pic! Love the story! And I know you're soo excited to become a new aunt!

The Brokaws said...

I'm excited to hear about baby Libby!

SS said...

Erin! Your blog is super cute! I've tried to follow it but can't figure out where to sign up? Sassy Babies!!!

***Sarah Sullivan