Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Festival of Lights- Moody Gardens

Sunday night- we loaded up the girls in their PJ's and took them to Moody Gardens to walk through the Festival of Lights. We were a little cranky in the car (since this is not our usual routine)- but once we got there, they had a blast looking at all the pretty lights!
Daddy and Mattie- I love these BIG smiles!!! Mommy and Hailey- with the ocean behind us.

Daddy and Hailey- she was really loving on him. I think she was saying "Thank You". She kept kissing him. He loved it! :)

Mommy, my girls, and a zebra- need I say more???

Our family in front of the water! Amazing night, tons of fun! Can't wait to go back next year...
Our night ended by Ken and I swinging in to Wing Stop- picking up dinner and heading home. It was a great family date night- hopefully a tradition.

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