Friday, January 1, 2010

One Christmas at a time!

Traveling home: Ken and I headed to Memphis with the girls on the Ferry from Galveston! This is another first for my girls. Here is a picture of the ferry. :)
Our car is on a boat- to go to Memphis. Blows my mind!One of our stops along the way! We all need to stretch. We got to Memphis at 2am Christmas Eve morning!
The Sutton Family Christmas! We celebrated with my family on Christmas Eve! We had a BLAST! Here are a few pictures of the fun!!
The girls by the tree!
Lauren and I- the "original twins".
Soon to be parents!!!! Scott and Lauren
My mom and Dad!
Ken and I after the girls went to bed. We let them open presents first- and then they went to bed. The girls got lots of cute clothes, a baby stroller to push, baby dolls, and the Pottery Barn "pink" play kitchen from The Bairds!!!! It is PRECIOUS!!!! Pictures of that soon- they are on Lauren's camera (she is still in the hospital with Libby). I do have a picture of the guys with their "Special" presents...
Pink bunny footed jammies!!!!
The pink bunnies!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I can't tell you how funny this was! It is our own "Christmas Story"
Up next Haynes Family Christmas!


Caroline said...

Cute. So, does the ferry bring you all the way to Memphis?

skballa said...

They look like a pink nightmare! LOL.Funny guys!