Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa Claus is coming to TOWN!!!

So yesterday Santa was on The Strand- a sweet little shopping street near our house. We decided that would be the perfect place for the girls to have their first picture made with Santa!Along with everything else- I was so excited for this time. The girls were doing great- long naps, good moods, tummy full! It was the perfect set up... Mommy and Mattie on the Strand
Daddy and Hailey on the Strand

Then we see Santa- it was HILARIOUS! Not so much that the girls weren't thrilled, but the actually guy dressed as Santa. He was just sitting by himself- no line to wait in- so we walked right up to lonely Santa- asked him if he thought he could hold both- he didn't seem so sure- so we did one at a time. Did I mention that Santa looks 18? It was truly PRICELESS to me. :)

Neither of my girls were very thrilled with this Santa! Oh the memories!
Merry Christmas!!

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Janna said...

yes it would have been similar perhaps at Lori's, but it was fun to visit with people. Too bad more people weren't in the Strand area. Outside pics would have been fun.