Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A little "Galveston Glamour"! Holiday Ball 2009

This past weekend was THe Junior League of Galveston County Holiday Ball! It was SO fun for Ken and I to have a date night! The theme was "Galveston Glamour". Everyone was really into it! Here are a few pictures from our night out! Mattie and Hailey watching Mommy and Daddy get ready.
Our friends the Vance's- (also Laura is M & H's teacher) they came over to watch the girls for us to go out!! I am so glad they are here for at least another year! You guys are such great friends!

Let date night begin...

Ken and Brandon Perez- both in residency at UTMB.

Amanda, me, and Lindsey... looking good girls!

Lindsey x2 and me! For dinner we were all that the same table- it was a great night, with great friends!

Parent's night out! Davis (Lindsay and Brandon have a 2 month old son- Davis)

More friends from our table! Time to dance!

Oh what a night! Can't wait until next year! :) :) :)
Thanks sweet Vance's for making this night possible. :)

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Katy K. said...

HOORAY for posting pictures! I was dying to see you guys all dressed up. You looked beautiful and the accessories were a hit!! Love, KK