Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Under the weather...

Although the weather has been gorgeous here- we haven't been able to spend much time enjoying it. Our family had a big weekend- we went to our friend and neighbor's 1st birthday party- and had a blast! It was so cute!!! After that, we went to have our 9 month pictures taken- let's just say it- it was a BUST!!!- so we are re-doing them this coming weekend. Hopefully the girls will be in better spirits. Sunday we all got up and ready for church (I had nursery duty- which I think I typically provide 1/2 of the nursery goers!) About that time- Ken noticed that Mattie looked flushed and was really warm- 102.2 temp :( No church for us. Turns out she has her 1st ear infection. We made it 9 months without any antibiotics!! WHOOHOO! She is feeling much better after 2 days of meds- but last night Hailey started running a temp of 101.1. I think this is a reaction to her flu shot- but we are taking it easy just in case. Here are a few pictures of my little "not feeling so good" friends!
Ken thought she was too hot for clothes and wanted a cold rag- cracks me up how he thinks they think like us. The rag didn't last long- she was not a fan.

Last but not least- when everyone was feeling good yesterday- I caught a BIG event! If you think I had my hands full before- watch this!!!

We are movers and shakers!!!


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Lauren said...

poor sweeties....i told you the rag cracks me up, because i HATE that. it's amusing that guys think a rag or a drink will solve all illness!