Thursday, November 26, 2009

Haynes Honeys- On the raod!!!

Mattie ready to travel to Memphis!!!
Hailey ready too!!! It sure was early! The girls did GREAT though! We left at 5:00am and got to Memphis at 9:00pm. Thankfully, we were able to stop by The Thomas' and meet Jaxon and Cade!! Mattie and Hailey loved the boys! :) Hailey was even giving away kisses.

Josh and Ken are friends from SAU! :)
Here Hailey is with Cade's mommy Brandy. It was so good seeing you all!
Cade and Mattie playing together! So cute!!!
All the kid-os! and parents!!! We are thankful for good friends in Texarkana!! See you again soon!

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