Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our 1st Halloween- My little LOVEBUGS!

Since Mattie and Hailey can't stay up past 6- especially with the time change, Halloween was very short lived for them. I love this picture of the girls in their costumes. I can just tell that they are each wondering what the other is wearing! HA.
Our family on Halloween!
Aunt La La with the Lovebugs! I defintely think she got some good practice in!

Aunt La La in her costume- See the kitty with the fishbowl- HAHAHAH!

A trip to Galveston wouldn't be complete without a beach picture!
I sure do love the ocean- EVERYDAY! Galveston is GORGEOUS right now! I am starting to think it is a best kept secret!


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Maegan Thomas said...

The girls look so cute! I didn't realize your sister was pregnant- that will be great the three girls will not be too far apart. Are you really able to get the girls to sleep at 6? That is amazing, we put Jaxon down around 7:30-8, which is really nice to have some relaxation time for Josh and I.