Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tis the season!!!

It is that time of year- where everything seems to go at WARP speed!!! Just today I was thinking of the coming weeks and the plans we have and felt a little overwhelmed! Excited, but overwhelmed. Usually by now I have almost all my Christmas shopping done- not this year! I have lists, but only a few gifts! I do enjoy the whole process- the drive, the looking, the finding the perfect gift, the crowds, the sales, the time with friends and my girls, the wrapping presents and finally putting them under my tree!!! Maybe soon I'll have more accomplished!
Things I am looking forward to this holiday season:

*1st Thanksgivingwith my girls and (seeing Memphis peeps!)
*Lauren's baby shower
*Nutcracker market with Brooke
*1st Christmas with the girls and Ken
*Libby's arrival (Debuting end of Dec!)
**Mattie and Hailey's "early" 1st Birthday!!!
Can you believe they are already 8 months old!!!! I am in AWE of the blessings I have been given- EVERYDAY with my girls is the BEST DAY!!!
Mattie Lynn- has a smile that could light up any heart!!
Hailey Sutton- keeps this Mommy on her toes, but I see so much of me in her! This little chick know how to make those around her smile!!!




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Caroline said...

The girls just always look so happy. So many 1st for you guys this year. How exciting?!