Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Here is a first "glimpse" of how our weekend started! We had a full one for sure! Uncle "Skeet" and Aunt La La came down for a quick trip and we jammed as much as we could in- more on that soon! Here are a few pictures from our very first Halloween party/parade at Mother's Day Out. 3 "HOT" girls- literally I was burning up!
Hailey- this look on her face- cracked me up! She was AMAZED by the "big kids" and their costumes!

Mattie looking equally impressed!

Here the girls are in their classroom with their teachers- Mrs. Laura (Snow White) and Mrs. Stephanie (Little Bo Peep)- there was a sign on the classroom door that said "Lost Sheep and Sleeping Dwarfs"- too cute!
What a fun day!

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Caroline said...

I love the bumble bee and lady bug costumes. So cute!