Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ready, Set, BIKER RALLY!

This weekend was a GREAT one! Aunt La La and Uncle Skeet came to visit the island and it happened to be the "Lonestar Rally" as well as Halloween- oh the entertainment and sights we saw! I had Lauren capture a picture of the 1st bike we saw- note* this guy is a grown man on a tiny bike- embarassing. So the guys (Jonathan, Ken, and Scott) started off the weekend with a Flounder fishing trip- that was VERY successful! Although- Flounder are the creepiest looking fish, but yummy once fried!

The catch!

Lauren, the girls and I did a little shopping! Here is a "Tummy picture" of her on Post Office Street! Libby will make her debut the end of Dec/beginning of Jan.

Saturday afternoon- we got a sitter for the girls- (Thanks Laura!) and headed to the Lonestar Biker Rally! WOW-WHAT AN EVENT! I have never seen so many bikes, leather, and unusual sights! I wore the most biker looking shirt I could find- you know I love a theme! Here Ken and I are at the start.
Lauren and Scott

The Strand- bikes GALORE! Keep in mind this is just a fraction of what we saw!

Lauren and I on the strand- look at all the chrome!

I wish I could post more pictures of what we saw- but I promise you would have to see it to believe it!

Ken loved this guys helmet! Very Texan!
More weekend pics soon!

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Lauren's belly looks so cute!