Monday, August 13, 2012

We're BACK- for a visit...

I am not going to lie- it still felt like going home.  Don't get me wrong- I am loving Corpus and we are just meeting alot of amazing people!  We have been SO blessed!!! :)

We played at the beach- even ran on the seawall.

Hung with our Best buddies!
Slept well

 Played with chickens

Enjoyed our time together!  I adore watching these 3 as BFF's!  

One night we even snuck away and had a great night our to celebrate friends!

LOVE these girls!

Also, had lunch with Laura, Ellie, Kate, Boone, Everett, Jackson, and Nora.  It was great getting to hold all these babies! I miss my Fish Village family. 

 Thanks Liz for putting us up for a few day.  LOVE you girl!
(I secretly hope this is in a wedding video one day).

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