Monday, August 13, 2012

Galveston... Oh, Galveston!

This special little island will always have a PRECIOUS place in my heart!
This past week Mattie, Hailey, and I visited some of our favorite places and people there. 
Here is just a drop in the bucket- a few reasons why I will always love the island!
1. Best friends- I mean good peeps there!
2. "island time" It is so chill here
3. The causeway- the way I feel driving over the bridge- knowing too that I did a 10k over it! 
4. First Baptist Chruch
5. driving the seawall
6. Gluten free pizza at Mario's
8. Post Office street
9. Lemonade cake at Mosquito
10. Fish Village
11. Friends around the corner
12. East End Preschool
13. Rudy and Paco's
14. The Galveston Target- who know!
15. The rooftop bar
16. Running on the seawall with my favorite peeps
17. Pleasure pier
18. Murdoch's
19. The girls point out "Daddy's hospital"
20. Mardi Gras!
21. Shopping The Strand
22. Wine on the porch with a bounce house
23. Splits on the wall
24. The laughs... with friends
25.  I could go on and on...

Galveston has rocked our world!  We came to this island as naive newlyweds, but left as a family that had grown together.  :) It was an amazing experience and I feel blessed to get tho opportunity to live in in such an amazing place!
Galveston- I left a bit of my heart with you!


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