Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Still walking in Memphis...

Here are a few more pics of our Memphis trip that were on my phone! 
Who doesn't LOVE an Iphone these days! 
One of my fav's- Scuba Steve! Uh- I mean Scuba Hailey.

Swimming with Honey and PaPa!

The first Merry-Go-Round we liked! 

Lobster liked it too!

While in Memphis- Lauren and Scott celebrated their 3rd anniversary.  I got to hang out with my 3 favorite chicks!  We played pirates on the swing set and had olympic races.  I may be the best sitter Libby's had yet! 

While in Memphis- we had lunch with Ken's Aunt Betty, her granddaughter- Elizabeth, and Grammy.  It was fun seeing these girls together- PLUS- I LOVE Rafferty's! 
A little night swim for us all... I can't get over how amazing my parents pool is... I also, keep asking where was it when I was in TN!

Puddle jumper club+ favorite people= COUSIN LOVE!!!

My favorite mommy to be! 

Honey with all sugarbears!


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