Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ready or not...Pre K-3 here we come!

Last Friday, August 17 was our first official day of school here in Corpus Christi.  The girls are attending a 1/2 day Mother's Day Out program that we are super excited about.  Ken and I went to a welcome dinner for all the new parents and also had a little "meet the teacher" before hand. M&H's teacher's name is Mrs. Cage.  We LOVED Mrs. Cage.  She just really seemed to know her stuff!  

Ready to go inside!  I just love that you can see the ocean from the driveway at drop off.  

Here we are with a few new friends!  One little friend is NOT really happy yet... 

Mattie kept saying, "it's ok- your mommy will be back."
Such a sweet heart she has!

Here's to an amazing Pre K-3 year!  
I love you girls!

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