Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our 1st dance recital...

I am still recooperating from this MONUMENTAL event- but it sure was a lot of FUN!
Mattie and Hailey were in their very 1st dance recital in June (the busiest month/week of my life!)
The girls have really enjoyed dance this year- they took tap and ballet.  Hailey was in her element from the get go.  She loved being with the big girls and doing big girl things... 
Mattie on the other hand took a little longer to warm up- don't get me wrong- she willingly went to dance- it was just the listening and following directions part that took some time.   
Oh my sweet free spirited Mattie!
The recital was at The Grand Opera House in downtown Galveston- a perfect venue!  
Thankfully, all the grandparents were able to be there too!  
The girls loved getting to wear makeup!  I surprised myself and wasn't as ready for that for them yet!  I tried to do the least amount possible.  Plenty of time to look grown up- when you are grown up...  

Some of the class- these were precious little friends of ours!
Cutest little ballet bunnies I have ever seen!
Can you guess who is up past their bedtime?!?!  I think this picture says it all for me and Mattie!

Trisha- my superhero of the night- took the job of keeping my girls entertained, content and willing to go on stage, even if it took a gentle push- so I could run around to the front and watch!  At one point Mattie was asleep on her- it was a long night for littles. 

Next up- TAP dance.  We loved our bumble bee costumes.  

Mattie was showing off her stinger.  

My too bumblebee's with queen bee!

After the performances- all the little girls got sweet flowers from friends and family.  Even the "dance fairy" had left a special treat in their carseats from doing such a great job!  All in all it was a great 1st dance recital.  


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