Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bye Bye Bump!

I am still not sure what it is... but the "bump" that Mattie has had since she was about 18months old is officially gone!  It hasn't always looked like this with the purple bruise...  It used to look like a mosquito bite, but about 3 months back she fell and bruised it... and it hasn't gotten better. 
Here we are with our most favorite doctor!

Hailey had to have her picture made too! :)

We go to the office and got Hailey-bug all set up.  
I went back with Mattie to help get the anesthesia going.  I held the laughing gas mask on her while the NA started her IV.  She was asleep in no time.  A very brave little girl= a proud mommy.  I snuck out after that and they went to work.  :)  
About 20 minutes later... bunny emerged with his boo boo bandaged like Mattie.
My sweet girl- coming out of anesthesia... 

When we got home- she was SO wide eyed, but bounced back quickly.  She has yet to complain about her mark hurting.  

Already looking better!  She got 5 external stitches and several internal.  I am so amazed and appreciative that this can be done for Mattie.  
Here she is the day of surgery...
You can take the girls out of Memphis, but you can't take the Memphis out of the girls... We love our "Grillz"- sucker balls. 

Here is Mattie the day after surgery.  You can't really see much other than a few stitches.  I was impressed her eye wasn't black!

On Sunday, Ken too the stitches out and put surgi strips back on.  It looked great!  Isn't it wild how well kids heal!!

Mattie- one week after surgery.  Doing great!  I think the bandages will come off in the next day or so.  

She is so HAPPY and so are we! 

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Tiffani said...

what a brave little Mattie!!! I really enjoyed reading and catching up on all the Haynes' adventures!!! Keep 'em coming! :o) I love and miss you Haynes!!!!