Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy 31st Birthday- Mommy!

Well- it's official...
I AM 30 +1= 31!  I will say it was harder than 30, but with the excitement and chaos surrounding my birthday- it was definitely a GREAT day!

started with breakfast with our favorite folks- my girls, and both sets of our parents... We also got to celebrate our favorite Father's on this day too!!
After breakfast- we headed to FBC for our last church service as Galvestonians!
It was a precious service.  Dr. Meador honored our family with a family Bible from FBC.  This is a treasured momento of our time in Galveston.  FBC- has been amazing for us.  We will miss you all!  
After church- a little birthday celebrating!
Just sayin...

I LOVE any day that involves gifts- don't get me wrong- I really do love to give as well as receive.  Nothing makes me happier than to find a gift for someone that I KNOW they will just love!  

We ended the night with Ken and Erin date on the new Historic Pleasure Pier.  We started with appetizers at Bubba Gump's and then I was forced to ride the Iron Shark... 3 times.  Okay, Okay, I was forced the 1st time...
the 2nd and 3rd were my choice.

Ya'll- it' literally makes you lay down then drops you!   Crazy!!!

We were the ultimate tourists and bought the picture... after 7 years together- we can still have 1st's!  We realized this was the 1st roller coaster we had ever ridden together... (may be our only).  

The picture makes me laugh- the 1st ride- I had no idea there was a camera... I looked like cousin it in the picture... should've gotten that one- HA!
I think Ken and I both figuredout where the camera was on this one! 
Cheers to year 31!

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