Sunday, July 15, 2012

Galveston Island Vintage Beauty Revue

A few weeks ago 2 of my favorite friends and I completely stepped out of our comfort zone... 
and entered the Galveston Island Vintage Beauty Revue.  
To say it was fun is a complete understatement!  We had a BLAST!
Back in the day Galveston would host a large bathing beauty review to kick off the summer.  Women came from all over the United States to partake in the pageant.  It was called the "Pageant of Pulchritude," because of the great beauty that the women bestowed, even in their knee length, wool swimsuits. 

Here we are at the "Bands and Bombshells" concert the night before the pageant!  I will say- I think all 3 of us were born to wear a sash!  I am trying to come up with a sash I can wear every day! HA!!  At this contest we were photographed by vintage cars, enjoyed live music and swing dancing, as well as sized up the competition. Not going to lie- some of these girls were SERIOUS about the vintage look!

The next morning we went to get BEAUTIFIED! It was a lot of fun to do all together.  

After we were all dolled up we went to the San Luis, each contestant was given a number and a pink robe.  We were instructed to keep the robe on until we went up on stage.  I LOVED the pink robes!  

These 2 girls were my favorite- Katy and Liz really rocked the stage! 
After all 50 of us walked- they announced the Top 10- Katy and I had made it!  We had to answer the question: "What organization would we donate 20 hours of our time to if we won?"  This was easy to me- in honor of my "favorite beauty"- my Nanny- I would donate time to the De'Feet breast cancer walk.  

Finally- they crowned the Top 5 and the crowd favorite. 
I won 3rd- let's just say that this proud mom of TWINS was thrilled with 3rd! It was such a fun experience and I am so glad I got to do it with 2 of my best friends!  
Galveston bucket list- check!
The cheering section... Thanks for your support ladies!

What an amazing day! Love you ladies! 
You are true beauties!!!


Sarah said...

How fun! You look fabulous!!

jenn said...

Looks fun and congrats