Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Graduation from Oral Maxillofacial Surgery at UTMB

Proud- doesn't even begin to touch how I feel about what Ken has accomplished- what we as a family have accomplished! Whew!  What a rollercoaster ride it has been- Can I get an AMEN?!?!?
Graduation occured on June 16, 2012- part of the busiest/best weeks of my life.

Both sets of parents were able to attend the ceremony- and a HUGE thank you to Ken's Aunt Linda and Aunt Shirley for coming from Houston to babysit the girls.  I wish I had gotten their picture with the girls!  Their stories of the night are pretty funny!  I think M&H had them jumping threw several hoops! :) 
I LOVE this family photo!  Just wish all our sisters could have made it, too.  

My precious family on this very special day.  Funny to think that when we started M&H weren't even thought of yet- oh how God works in amazing ways!

Am I beaming for this man? 

The sweetest couple I know- yes I am biased- but they had just celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary!  I love the LOVE that they have for each other and all of us.  

One of my most favorite friends and resident wives- Courtney Rai.  LOVE her.

Ken with his faculty, Dr. Throndson

Ken's other faculty, Dr. Mainous.

My favorite part of the night was listening to all of the outgoing surgery doctors give speeches.  It was very sweet.  Ken did a great job- even though he hates that kind of stuff. 

After the celebration, we also celebrated in style- a gift basic made by The Sutton's- just for an OMFS surgeon.  
My mom thought of everything from bubblegum flavored teeth soap (that I only read the word bubblegum and tried to bite... I still can taste that soap-YUCK!) to tooth bottle opener, mug, cupcake dental floss, shot pens, GRILLZ- A little Memphis shout out, and much much more!

This is SO true...

Sporting the grillz... you can take The Haynes' out of Memphis...
but you can't take the Memphis out of The Haynes'! 

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