Monday, July 23, 2012

Corpus Christi- the 1st month...

Our little life has begun in Corpus... We are off to a big start!
After almost 5 years together.... We finally own a home!!  A home that we LOVE!
Ken did all the landscaping in the front!  Doesn't it look great.  We still have a little more to do- but amazing from where it was when we moved in.

Honey and PaPa were real troopers- they helped us move and we had a little time for some fun... 
Honey and her girls- found the mall!  There is always time for shopping. 

We tried some new restaurants.  

We appreciate all you guys have done for us the past 4 years!  We couldn't have done it without you.  

The girls are adjusting nicely.  We LOVE to go to the mall and play on the play structure. 

We have been practicing our modeling...
We have splashed around A LOT!  Thanks Honey for our "new house happy"!  We love it!

We are loving the freedom to explore the neighborhood- riding shorties!
M&H started the "Flippers" class at the gym- and LOVE it!  

I am so proud- Ken's name in lights!  Go Ken Go!

We are loving swimming! 
The whole family visited Port Aransas... MUST GO BACK!

A painting project for me...
2 adorondack chairs.
A painting project for the girls...

We have found a little time to relax as well.

We have made friends and learned ANTS are not our friends...

Hailey decided she wanted "fancy hair"- so we cut off 5 inches... isn't this adorable!
We saw Madagascar 3!

We even have taken Belle on a few adventures...
Enjoying our new life.  

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