Monday, January 3, 2011

Twas' the day/night before Christmas...

Here is how we spent Christmas Eve- Galveston style!
We started the day with breakfast at The Sunflower- YUM! The girls did great- we are finally at a point that makes going "out to eat" not make me want to pull my hair out. :)

After breakfast, we headed to the park! The girls LOVE it! They are so big and so independent. I still get so nervous with all the climbing and sliding... but they do great! :)

Daddy enjoying the monkey bars too!

Hailey- all by herself!

After naps, we made Santa special cookies! We enjoyed a few too!

After dinner, we headed to the candlelight service at church. Unfortunately, there was no nursery- and we could only stay for 3 songs. The girls were good and happy, just VERY talkative. Mattie spotted someone in a santa hat- and wouldn't stop shouting "Santa!!"
At that point we opted out! :)

At home Ken read the Christmas story from the Bible and we opened one gift Christmas Eve...

a color mat to sort our colors on!

We ended the night with everyone's favorite- piggy back rides!

finally, after a very eventful day- Santa's elves hard at work! Pictures to come soon of Christmas morning and our Memphis trip!

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Janna said...

Awww Erin, I wish y'all wouldn't have felt you needed to leave. Talking toddlers, crying babies, dangerous preschoolers, and hyper elementary kids are part of the joy of Christmas Eve with the church family. (We even talked about doing a nursery last year since we were in the other building, but people like it to have all of that excitement.) At least you were able to run around for a little bit on the porch.