Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas morning in Galveston!

I guess Mattie and Hailey must have been GOOD girls this year! *wink wink
Santa sure thought they were special. Here is the set up before Mattie and Hailey got up... which I should add- they slept until 9am.
Love at first sight- our pink wheels! Maybe this is a glimpse of the pink cars to come when they turn 16! I'll have to check into that!

Sweet Mattie- thumb and all

The girls LOVED the cars so much that they only wanted to open presents sitting inside of them. Too cute.

They both got their own baby Stella doll. It really has been a good tool in easing Hailey off the night/night pacifier. It isn't gone yet, she is just seeing they are for babies. In time...

In full swing- we got this present opening thing down pat!

I must have been good too...
Santa brought me the new Tory Burch shoes that were also on "Oprah's Favorites" list! Love them!

In our stockings we found lots of fun treasures like snow globes, playdoh, crayons (more of them), strawberry shortcake dolls, and PANTIES! (it is almost potty training time!)

At the drive-in... watchinkg Toy Story 3.

While the girls napped I whipped up our favorite funfetti birthday cake- for our Happy Birthday Jesus tradition. It is my goal to have the girls first associate Christmas with Jesus' birthday and then with Santa. :)

Mattie and Hailey both love saying "Ho, Ho, Ho". and wearing a Santa hat.

Hailey also has a new found love of wearing everyones shoes!
I hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas!


Caroline said...

So cute! Love your Tory's. I got some for my birthday and I'm obsessed!

Katy K. said...

Things that made me smile in this blog: the zebra wrapping paper, the tent, the girls in their cars, the fact that we both left parts of our Jesus cake un-iced without even discussing this, your Tory Burch shoes, the girls sleeping until 9 on Christmas morning (if they had any idea what was waiting for them they would have been up much earlier, the girls at the "drive in", and seeing your smiling face! Such fun memories!!!