Sunday, January 30, 2011

Galveston Girls GROWING!

Good Morning from our house... everyday- they are just like Mommy (or MiMi- as Hailey says) these 2 wake up HUNGRY!
A few cute pictures to share of us playing and becoming almost 2 year olds!!!

Mattie's favorite word- "SHARE". She uses it in place of "Mine". If she wants something you are holding, she says "Share" if she is holding something and someone tries to take it- she says "Share"- basically anywhere a 2 year old would typically say "mine" (hmm hmm... Hailey), Mattie says "Share". It is really cute- and alot sweeter than shouting mine at her sister and friends...
Check out Hailey's black eyes... she fell and hit a door facing- TERRIBLE knot on her forehead that is now gone, but the black eyes have come.

I just adore these happy girls! Aren't these the cutest outfits too! Honey got us these- she sure keeps us dressed to the 9's! :)


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