Monday, January 10, 2011

A Haynes, Haynes Family Christmas

Where all The Haynes' gathered together! Daddy Ken- used to having 2 in his arms at a time! It was really a ton of fun getting all of us together since Thanksgiving was such a "stomach dropper". (*Remember Dena's family had a fever funk and we were dropping like flies with the tunny bug).
Sweet Alayna has gotten so big- she is so easy and chilled. I guess she had to be- with my 2 and Aleyse- there was a lot of action to watch! :) I can't get over how much she looks like her Daddy! :)

Aleyse and Hailey playing- isn't that so cute. It was sweet to watch how my girls loved their big girl cousin.

After Ken's dad read the Christmas story from the Bible- the unwrapping began!

Can you see how FULL this room was with people, gifts, gift wrap, and LOVE?

Hooking Alayna up- ZEBRA style. Bet you can't guess who that was from????

Ken's MeMaw made each of the girls sock monkeys- aren't they precious? Mattie and Hailey love them so much and how special that they were made just for them!

A few of our favorites...

Hailey telling Grammy Thank You!

Notice: we got a tutu, we had to wear it... Aleyse, got a karaoke (sp?) microphone- look who took right to it- tutu and all. I think we have a Ballet/ ROCK STAR among us!

And a BBALL star!

Mattie- realized she is so big. Loved being able to see.

Merry Christmas sweet Haynes'! We love you all and LOVED celebrating with you!
Thanks for all of our goodies!

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