Monday, December 20, 2010

My own Christmas Miracle..

As some of you know- I am a good one that made a HUGE mistake this weekend. I thought I was going to be so SAVVY and sell a few things on ebay- well I did. A man in Nebraska bought a North Face shirt from me! Yay! In my excitement and rush for the first sale- I raced to the nearest drop box and left the package... sad to say as soon as the door shut- I remembered there was NO POSTAGE on the package... this was Saturday night around 7pm. BOO! I had no one to contact, no one to help... all I heard was it would either come back to me in a day to 6 weeks (not so good for the ebay sales score), it would go on and aske receiver to pay shipping- again not good! I worried all weekend.

Bright and early this morning I called- I spoke with a precious lady named Francis. She said she could hear the worry in my voice and asked if I could meet her- unfortunately I couldn't because I have my 2 and Lily today. I told her I could at 4pm. She said she would go and get the package out of the box and call me. I felt relief! Help was on its way. About 30 minutes later my doorbell rang and an ANGEL name Miss Francis was standing at my door- package in hand!! I hugged her neck and told her she was my hero! I plan to run by a special "thank you" to her this afternoon. She really showed the true Christmas spirit to me by doing this for a stranger! That is Jesus LOVE!

Whew... thank you so much Postage angel!


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Caroline said... glad it all worked out.