Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sutton Family Christmas!

After a long drive (that the girls did great on)- we arrived Monday night in Memphis. So glad to be there! We got to Memphis in time for a late dinner with the family- girls bath- and night night. After we got the girls down the elves got busy- well all except one "lazy" elf. We will cut him a break since he did just drive 11 hours. We literally sat up Christmas around him- sorted gifts and everything and Ken just snoozed right on through. Here is Honey's Christmas tree this year- I never know how she is going to decorate it... but this year she chose a "Kid" tree. It has ornaments that the girls can mess with and not hurt. She even put a few sentimental "works of art" of Lauren and mine.
Example: here is a candy cane I made in 4 year old kindergarten (I think). The back story on this is- Laurens is a perfect shape with the white and red stripes- looks like a candy cane.... Here is mine....

It looks like something you might see in your yard (HA!) I like to think it is higher level thinking skills that I decided to mash the colors together and make this???

Mattie LOVED the tree! Everytime I turned around she was in there looking at it and messing with the ornaments.

Let the games begin! Tuesday morning- The 3 little Bairds came over for Christmas morning!

Looks like we are ready!

Scott looks SO EXCITED over his book!

Ken got a reindeer that poops from Libby- it had $20 on the back, too!
Trying to take turns...

Notice Mattie in my dad's lap- now you see her-Now you see her backside! :)

I can't believe I got all 3 in a candid photo- there is no use trying for a posed one!
Our sweet family!

Little me (that looks like Ken). Hailey LOVES the camera!

Look who sat on a bow... she is a great present!

This Cosmetic surgery book made Ken's Christmas- after he got it- I lost him to it every night. That is ok with me- I need him to know how to fix what breaks with time! HAHA!

Libby in a box!
My girls wanted to wear everything they received and play with all their toys! They loved it!
Doesn't it look like they are in deep conversation? Probably discussing who is cooler- Caillou or Elmo?

Fianlly, the last presents...

Honey and PaPa gave the girls their own little table! It was PERFECT! Aunt LaLa, Scott, and Libby gave the girls the refrigerator to their kitchen! It is behind my mom. We now have the complete Pottery Barn Kids pink kitchen thanks to LaLa! We love it! Come on over and we'll cook you something GOOD!

Look who LOVES Sugar! :)

All in all- a great Christmas with my family. Now off to celebrate with Ken's next!

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Lauren said...

sooo.....perhaps you didn't realize. Mom didn't take the time to find my "special" ornament. Only yours has a labeled box. Don't tell me there isn't a favorite. It doesn't pay to make your candy cane properly. It never gets displayed.....