Friday, December 10, 2010

All I want for Christmas is you!

On Wednesday night, we hosted an OMFS (Oral Maxillofacial) Resident dinner party at our home. It was great! Here is the team this year! THese guys are really amazong! When I stop and think about what all they do/see in a day- and then what they can do to fix it for people- WOW! I am so impressed. This dinner was also special, because each of these guys trained in Memphis at The University of Tennessee Health Science- they were friends there. Baker (middle) is chief this year, Ken- realy to tackle the last year, and John Mark starting off this 1st year. My prayer for them is NO HURRICANES! :)
They are all great guys. Another fun fact- they were all 3 in a Bible Study with David Libby- one of our closest and dearest friends.

The wives and "soon to be" wives! It was great celebrating this season with you guys! :)
PS- I made my very first turkey and no one died- CROAKED! Success! :)


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