Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Wassail... wassail all over the town!"

Last weekend- Galveston held it's annual "Dicken's On The Strand". It was good food, great friends, fun parade, and elephant rides! It really is neat- every year the streets are transformed to vendors in Dicken's time period as well as most people dress in such as well. (No worries- Ken has already agreed to participate next year- can you say "Peddler?" I already have my dress- now for the girls... hmmm. My two girls with Jackson and Everett

Good girl friends- as you can see, everyone gets out for this event. It didn't hurt that the weather was 70 degrees.
One of the craziest costumes I saw- yes she is on stilts, yes she is lit up! I wish I had thought of it!

We stuck around for the "Lamplighter Parade". They thought of it all- from the rooftops above they had bubble machines that made it look as if it were snowing- in GALVESTON!! So fun. Mattie loved it- Hailey was scared to death- of bubbles. Ken had to take her in Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory to escape the fear.

She may have been terrified of the bubbles, but she LOVED riding a 1 ton elephant...

I couldn't convince Mattie to go- when ask "Mattie, do you wanna ride?" I repeatedly got the response "no, no, no". Hailey LOVED it- we did it twice and then I had to drag her screaming and crying doing her best elephant impression away. She loved it.
All in all- FUN night! Can't wait til next year with Ken in some Knickers! :)
Happy Holidays!

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