Friday, August 27, 2010


Yesterday- right at bedtime for the girls a budget rent a truck pulled into our driveway, a man got out carrying a package. At this point I noticed he was wearing a FedEx uniform- I had to smile- poor guy must have had a very LONG day. First time I have ever seen a FedEx delivery made from a rental truck... The package was from Honey and G-Daddy! Hawaii trip loot was inside! The girls received precious Halloween outfits, t-shirts, and necklaces which they love! Kind of crazy but they already had these "hawaiian design" jammies on! Anyone who knows my little littles- knows we LOVE accessories- so these were a hit! Ken got the most perfect gift- a t-shirt that says "Ken's Pancake House"! They actually ate there- saw it fitting since we love to make pancakes for special occassions like birthdays, Christmas, Saturdays... you know!
I was the luckiest of all- I got a Dooney and Burke purse that I LOVE!!! It is pink and white zebra print- does my mom know me or what! :)
Thanks for thinking of us on your vacation! We love all our goodies!


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Caroline said...

Cute! I remember the summer when we went to Hawaii and then you guys went to Hawaii like a week later. We all had shirts like Hawaii 92 or something. The girls are too cute!