Thursday, December 1, 2011


A little late, but better than never- right?!?! Here are just a few things I am thankful for this year (and always!),,,
My precious girls- Mattie and Hailey- I could not LOVE them MORE! :) I am blessed to be their Mommy everyday and OH SO THANKFUL!
Also thankful for all of those that love my babies...

Hailey and Uncle Greg
Thankful for our families- we are so blessed to have such great extended families!
Honey and Mattie

The girls at Thanksgiving dinner. They are sitting at the table that Lauren and I sat at as little girls- LOVE!

BLESSED... with the love of littles and entertainment of these three cousins!

Thankful for YAYA and Libby!

Skeeter, too!
My wonderful family- my <3!
My amazing parents!
Ken's wonderful family!
Ken's sister and brother in law, Greg.
All in all, a great trip for the Haynes Family in Memphis!
I love how many pictures it takes us to get one that looks half way normal!

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